Save Milan’s!


Milan’s restaurant — “your perfect trip to Central Europe” at 710 5th Avenue — will close in December 2015 unless its owner can convince his landlord to abate recently announced increases.

Why do I care about Milan’s? Because it’s a five minute walk from the cemetery where the parrots live. I often head there after my parrot safaris for a potato pancake and cabbage.

Local busineses like Milan’s are especially sensitive to rent increases. They run on thin margins. Milan’s loss would be brutal in light of the recent loss of Eagle Provisions — at 635 5th Avenue — to redevelopment.

Don’t let the character drain completely from Sunset Park. Support one of the last outposts of Central Europe on 5th Avenue.

You can’t Friend owner Milan on Facebook or Follow him on Twitter (he’s old school). But you can visit his site — or better — ┬ádrop over for a beer and some soup.┬áMaybe if business picks up he can be convinced to stay…

All things must pass.
But not Milan’s!