Wild Coyotes in NYC!

760px-Prairiewolf-drawingThis past weekend, the New York Times ran a great story on the growing population of wild coyotes in New York City. These critters seem to have established a small but stable community in Pelham Bay Park (also home to a population of wild parrots of the kind we see in Brooklyn, plus hawks, falcons, and other fascinating raptors). Wild coyote “hot spots” also include Inwood Hill Park in Manhattan.

While coyote spottings are still unusual, the NYC Parks Department is hosting its first ever workshop on the NYC Coyotes, which will happen on March 21st, at 1:00 PM, at the Van Cortland Nature Center, West 246th Street and Broadway. If you’re a fan of strange interloping animals in major urban areas, it’s a must-attend event.