Brooklyn Parrots eBook


If you’d like to support my continuing efforts to give tours for the public, I invite you to check out my new e-book, The Brooklyn Parrots FAQ — a compilation of facts, observations, myths, stories, lore and my own photos of Brooklyn’s famous “boids.”  The book is organized in an easy to read Q&A format (because some of the most interesting exchanges on my tours happen when people ask questions about the parrots).

While it might seem wacky that it took me almost 10 years to finish this thing, it took me a long time for me to take enough photos (more than 100 are included) and gather data to develop the material. I also had to compile almost 10 years of email messages containing crucial but forgotten info on the parrots’ journey in Brooklyn. It was a lot of work but I hope you like the results.

As you might know, my intention is never to charge a penny for a wild parrot safari in Brooklyn. It’s not that I don’t approve of paid tours of New York — I just don’t want there to be any financial barrier to enjoying these wonderful wild birds. So these tours are now and will always be free — just like the parrots!

You can download this ebook directly to your PC, iPad, or mobile device by following this link: