Apologies for being AWOL

I apologize for being unable to do any parrot safaris in recent months. Without getting into too many details, I was overtaken by a mysterious malady late in 2019 that greatly impaired my mobility. It was a frightening experience but I am glad to say that I am getting better and recovering my ability to move around, and hope to restart the safaris again soon.

For those seeking to view the parrots independently, I would highly recommend making your way to Green-Wood Cemetery, in Brooklyn. Just take the R train to the 25th Street stop (in Brooklyn) and walk one block. The parrots have built enormous nests atop the beautiful Gothic entrance way, and are highly active in the mornings and late afternoons. The Cemetery’s management regards the parrots with great affection and does its utmost to protect them. To my knowledge, this is the only site in New York State (and possibly the entire U.S.A.) in which wild Quaker Parrots actually enjoy some protection!