Not about the parrots (but still good…)

What was life on Martha’s Vineyard (“Land of the Lotus Eaters”) really like in the 1950s? Mary Ellen Baldwin (my mom), reveals the uncomfortable truth, in her novella, “The Summer Place,” which you can watch right here:

Family names were changed in my mother’s novella.

But using this key, one can discern who exactly she was describing.
Susan (main character and narrator) = Mary Ellen Baldwin (1933-2008)
Bill (Susan’s beau) = Carl R. Baldwin (1931-2004)
Betty (Bill’s mom) = Evelyn Preston Baldwin (1898-1962)
Alec (Bill’s stepfather) = Roger N. Baldwin (1884-1981)
Wally (friend of family) = Fred Rodell (1907-1980)
Lucretia (Bill’s sister) = Helen Baldwin (1939-1981)
Jay (Bill’s brother) = Roger R. Baldwin (1929-2020)